SEND is a non-profit community development corporation created by residents to revitalize the near southeast side of Indianapolis and to enhance the quality of life of its diverse spectrum of residents.

SEND accomplishes this mission through five areas of activity:

  1. Creating and maintaining quality affordable housing which enhances the historic fabric of the neighborhood and empowers the poor through the creation of community and family assets.
  2. Expanding and creating opportunities for neighborhood businesses to grow and prosper.
  3. Partnering with other organizations to create and implement programs which enable residents to develop the capacity to succeed in a changing society, with a special emphasis on youth.
  4. Beautifying and enhancing public areas and facilities, as well as upgrading the efficiency of the neighborhood's infrastructure.
  5. Serving as an advocate for the interests of the entire community.


The 1970s were a difficult time for the southeast side of Indianapolis. The construction of I-65 destroyed thousands of homes, hundreds of businesses, and many key schools and churches, while cutting a unified neighborhood into isolated pockets. The problem was compounded by the nationwide effects of suburban flight and disinvestment in urban neighborhoods.

So a group of forward-thinking residents and businesspeople working out of the Southeast Multi-Service Center began leading small home repair and urban design projects. On February 23, 1983, this group incorporated as the Fountain Square & Fletcher Place Investment Corporation. At the same time, a second group grew out of neighborhood churches to form the Fountain Square Church & Community Project, and attracted hundreds of volunteers from around the region to rebuild affordable homes.

Several years later, these groups merged to form Southeast Neighborhood Development (SEND). Since 1991, SEND has invested more than $35 million dollars in affordable housing, commercial renovation, youth development, and greenspace improvements. SEND has:

  • Transformed more than 130 deteriorated and vacant houses into affordable homes.
  • Repaired more than 400 homes to make them safer and more energy efficient for the homeowners, some of whom have been in their homes for over 50 years.
  • Developed 135 affordable apartments for residents ranging from senior citizens, to families, to artists.
  • Renovated and leased more than 150,000 square feet of commercial space.
  • Helped train more than 300 youth to help rebuild their community.
  • Created or improved six parks and planted hundreds of trees along roads throughout the neighborhood.

These efforts have made a vast difference. Today, property values have increased approximately 90%, allowing homeowners to maintain and improve their homes with confidence that they can recover their money. A growing number of new residents are investing in SEND neighborhoods with leadership and new ideas. Vital services such as a quality library, a police station, and a new health clinic meet resident needs. Businesses are now acquiring space in the Fountain Square commercial area and Fountain Square is now one of six Indianapolis Cultural Districts.