Residential » Home Repair

If you meet our income guidelines, own and occupy your home, and live within SEND's geographic boundaries, you may be eligible for assistance through SEND's home repair programs. You must also hold the title to the house and property taxes must be current. We give preference to persons who have owned their homes three years or more, and particularly to the elderly, the disabled, and families with minor children at home.

First, SEND will work with you to determine what repairs are needed, based on the condition of your home. Repairs we consider include:

SEND repair projects range from $1,000 to $15,000. This program is made possible through federal funds from the Community Development Block Grant.

The SEND repair program is not focused on emergency needs.

How to Apply

Contact Kipp Normand (317) 634-5079 ext. 103 or Please understand that the waiting list for repairs is usually 18 months or longer.